Ann Saibeni Art-Figurative

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Figure painting from life is a unique way to explore the "otherness" of people. It's an experience! You just don't "see" anyone in quite the same way as when attempting to capture them on canvas or paper.There is little the human figure cannot express. As with all my paintings these are intimate in mood and intend to convey a specific sense of light and emotion. Here you see "Hangin'" an oil painting of a model relaxing before taking a more formal pose.The original intent stretched from a quick sketch into a full day's pose and became a finished work.I love the insouience of this pose and facial expression.Hangin Next is "Long Stems," a watercolor view with attitude. For fun this figure has been deliberately flattened as if for a poster design.This painting has sparked some amusing conversations."Summer Hat", also a watercolor, is more realistically drawn but individualistic in color. The idea here was to allow the paint to flow around the figure in a controlled way that hinted at the natural anatomy of her shape. Watercolor has a mind of its own. It doesn't necessarily "stay put", so it's a constant surprise. And it's fun to play with color as here when I decided toLong Stemsuse an unexpected cool palette Summer Hatto express the heat of summer.