Ann Saibeni Art-Landscapes

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Landscape painting can be a studio creation, but is especially enjoyable on location, or "plein air," in pastel, watercolor, and oil. Many of my landscapes are done outdoors in nature, a joy to capture a view within a few hours. Of course I love travel and the vastly differing challenges posed by various locations around the country are exciting and inspirational. Garden Gate, Santa Fe and View From Ghost Ranch were done in the New Mexico high desert where the spiritual seems very close and deep.These paintings show two very different approaches indicating the way I responded to the locations.New Mexico remains one of my favorite locations.

These two scenes were done near my California home amidst quiet, contemplative places dear to my heart, Camden Promenade You will note that I include just a few examples of each genre on these website pages. I create new paintings constantly, show them often in galleries or other venues, and the viewer may look at my "Events" page for an upcoming show to see recent work or e-mail me for information!